Sunday, July 18, 2010

In Search for the Best Hot Chocolate!

Within the past year I have traveled the country a lot and have acquired a taste for a very simple beverage that people of all ages enjoy... hot chocolate. It is amazing to me that a simple beverage which has minimal ingredients can have some much variation, taste and consistency which has lead me to this blog.

I am on a mission to find the best cup of hot chocolate in the nation and world. Since I am not an avid world traveler this journey might take a while however I will test the United States and find the best cup out there.

Today I would like to introduce my top four cups of hot cocoa so far!

The Broadway Millennium Hotel New York City, NY
The hot cocoa at The Broadway Millennium hotel is by far the creamiest hot chocolate I have tasted so far. It has great consistency, and the temperature is perfect for drinking as soon as they serve it to you. They serve the hot chocolate in a silver carafe which allows you to not only have another cup at your own leisure but also keeps your hot chocolate at a perfect drinking temperature. If you are too tired from exploring the city the night before be assured that if you order room service your hot chocolate will be exactly the same as if you were ordering it in the restaurant - and without a huge markup!